I had a 10 pound baby

I had a 10 pound baby

Coach Ashley

I had a 10 pound. In fact, right after I gave birth the nurse announced “He is 10 pounds” and I then said, “that is not my baby”. Lincoln was giant. I always say that I did not have a newborn, he came out 2 months old.
This 10-pound baby gave me so much joy, love and stretch marks! It is still something that I am not super happy about. However, I am not defined by some stretch marks or anything else.
I am an Athlete, who can do more than most at 39 years. I have worked very hard, spent countless hours practicing, sweating and giving it my all. I weigh and measure my food. Trying not to have too many drinks or sweets. The point is I try!
Once I had that 10-pound baby I had 35 pounds to lose. I had to try or I was not going to accomplish anything. Trying is what made the difference. I don’t get it perfect all the time and sometimes I don’t want to workout. In fact, last night Kara and I had some of the most amazing chocolate. But today, I woke up and got out my food scale and got back on the pony. In about an hour I am stopping everything to join my friends for a great workout.
This trying business is for everyone. It will make the difference for you just as it did for me. Come try with me! I promise it will change something about you.

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