“I am home.”

“I am home.”

Walking into NIKA, right there by the reception desk is an unassuming little sign that reads:

“If you let it, this place will change you”.

After way too many years of doing mostly nothing at all (with all the results you might expect), my body finally sat me down for a little talk.

“Listen,” it said. “You might not have noticed, but we aren’t getting any younger, and it’s time to start to think about the second half. Do you want to spend it on the couch, popping pills, or do we want to be able to get some fun living in?!”

Presented like that, it was an easy choice.
I’m a 47 year old mom of a 5 year old, I run my own business and have a husband that travels a lot for work – which meant I needed to find something that would work around my schedule and not take up the entire day.

After some research, I decided on Crossfit. I had my doubts – I wasn’t sure that my old bones or saggy bottom could handle it, but I was willing to give it an honest try. In September 2018 I walked into Crossfit NIKA, signed on the dotted line and got to work.
The workouts were a bit intimidating at first, but the coaches and community at NIKA are extremely welcoming, attentive and able to tailor each workout to YOUR current level of fitness and skills – no matter where you are at in your journey. As fitness increases, the coaches gently (or sometimes a tad bluntly) move you along, developing new skills and strengths.

That little sign by the door wasn’t kidding – I have changed.
I’m already stronger than I have been in years, my clothes fit better and I feel more grounded and ready to tackle life. I look forward to every single workout and I’m having SO MUCH fun.
The community here is incredible, we are all in this together and working out with people of all shapes, sizes and ages is really motivating.

Thanks NIKA, I’m home.

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