A Clean Refrigerator

A Clean Refrigerator

Clean Refrigerator

After hurricane Irma we lost power for 7 solid days. I will admit on day 3 I became not so
cheery and smiley. I wanted my normal life back. I wanted to cook, clean, measure and weigh
my food. I wanted my bed with some nice cold AC blowing on me!
However, I had to start seeing this an opportunity. Opportunity comes from change and change
is inevitable. Think about it. Nature creates change with seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and

So what opportunity could I possibly find in Hurricane Irma? I was able to clean my
refrigerator out. I mean like scrub and start over. All fresh and healthy foods. Foods that make
me a better Athlete and food that heals my body. Not only did I get to do this for me but for my
boys too.

The week before Irma 20 people at the gym had started a Macrostax challenge. They
are weighing, measuring, and being conscientious about how much they put into their mouths.
They’re doing this with Macrostax, an amazing web based app that tells you exactly how much to eat
based on your personal goals, workout days, rest days, and this magical re-feed day. Glenda, one of the
participants, lost 2 pounds and 2 inches in the first week!

After seeing the amazing results personally and with the other NIKAs we have decided
to partner with Macrostax as the very first CrossFit Affiliate to offer a discount and special
privileges for being a member of CrossFit NIKA.

Starting in October, we will be offering 1 on 1 nutrition coaching with several options that fit
you and your budget best. So many people talk to me about wanting to lose weight, tone
up and/or gain muscle. I began to realize that I was only offering you 20% of the pie. Nutrition is
the other 80%.

So here is to a new opportunity, a clean refrigerator and offering Crossfit NIKA the entire pie,
weighted and measured.

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