My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

Ashley Andrews

It began with a new years resolution in 2009 when I decided that was the year I was going to become a healthy and happy Mom. I was going to gain my self-confidence back and I was NOT going to stop in 2 weeks. So I began with a membership to the YMCA, (there were no Crossfit gyms around at the time. Except Kara’s, that’s for another time.) I would go to spin class, stay on the treadmill for 20 min, Zumba and Flash Abs. I never ever picked up a weight, never ever knew what to do with a weight and didn’t want to “bulk”. Insert giggle!

I had been eyeing a trainer at the YMCA, her name was Ashley too. She looked like a lot of fun and I admired her commitment to fitness.I finally got up the nerve to ask her if she did personal training and she did! We began to meet 2x a week and she really taught me a ton. She would constantly ask me what my goals where. I needed one that was outside of losing weight, get fit, etc. So I picked a sprint triathlon. It was great, it gave me purpose and a tangible goal. We trained for 6 weeks and I did that triathlon. Just as I was finishing up training she asked me if I wanted to try this CrossFit thing.

I said sure and we did the Filthy 50! Well, I did the Filthy 30 and died! However, I feel in love with Crossfit. Ashley, became a great friend and her then-boyfriend, Matt, opened up Crossfit UnMatched. To this day I love CrossFit UnMatched and my OG CrossFit family. I would spend hours at the gym just hanging out and watching them, coach. Learning everything I could.

I can’t imagine my life if I had never asked Ashley if she did personal training, I had never done the Filthy 30 and I had never made the commitment to myself in 2009. Are you ready to make that comment to yourself? Are you better suited with one on one training or small group?

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