Founder Farmer Tinker Thief

Founder Farmer Tinker Thief

You’ve NEVER experienced a day camp like this before!
Exercise, tinker crafts, cultivating food and preparing meals–AND building a mock business! AMAZING.
Here’s how Founder | Farmer | Tinker | Thief camp works:
FOUNDER activities: kids create their own mock business. They’ll invent products or services, design logos!
FARMER activities: kids learn to plant vegetables and care for pre-planted vegetables. Then they learn to prep and cook their own lunch and snack!
TINKER activities: kids build obstacle courses and interactive craft projects; solve physical play puzzles and do CrossFit Kids workouts.
THIEF activities: kids solve play Capture the Flag, complete Ninja Warrior courses and race through obstacles!
Probably a nap in the car on the way home. ***not a guarantee.

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